Windgoo Warranty Info

Windgoo covers the 12-month limited warranty against original manufacturing defects and shipping damages from the order date. 

Only the original customer (name listed on the shipping address) is entitled to the limited warranty coverage which commences on the day the scooter is received by the purchaser.

The warranty period is terminated on the first day of the second year of ownership, or when the scooter is resold or transferred to another individual (warranty is NOT transferable under any circumstances).

  • What are included in warranty service? 

To make customers clearly know our warranty service(especially our website consumers), we have listed below warranty covered components and our service available timing(Counting from the purchase date, so we need to check purchase order before warranty service)

Electronic accessories

Motor - 12 months
Controller - 12 months
Battery - 6 months
Display - 6 months
Switch - 6 months
Headlight - 12 months
Taillight - 12 months
Charger - 12 months

Basic accessories

Frame - 12 months
Fork - 12 months
Scooter Stem - 12 months
Handlebar - 12 months
Kick Stand - 6 months
Tires - 6 months
Brake - 12 months
Pedal - 6 months
Freewheel - 6 months
Fender - 12 months

  • Who is the warranty service provider?

As Windgoo sales network occupies online & offline channels around the world, we have delivered warranty service to some of our authorized partners and stores. You can directly contact the Windgoo product seller who you purchased from, with your order ID/order receipt for the quick response. 

 If you need any assistance, please contact 

PS. Order ID, Product Serial Number(Normally under deck or on the e-scooter/e-bike stem) and defect video/images are required for quick warranty service.