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Common Mistakes To Avoid Before Purchasing E-Bikes

The majority of individuals wish to buy electric bikes and electric scooters just once and be satisfied. However, today's e-bikes and e-scooters come in a wide range of power outputs, sizes, and specialities, making it difficult to choose the best one for you. It is appealing to think about an environmentally responsible commute, and what better way to do it than with an e-bike. An e-bike has both strength and grace, so there's no place for disappointment.

However, there is just one tiny issue: how do you pick one?

An e-bike is often made up of thousands of different models, hundreds of brands, and dozens of customizations. Additionally, there are numerous internet publications and local bike shops that sell these bikes and may provide you with additional information.


We've compiled a list of typical blunders to steer clear of while looking for an e-bike to help you narrow down your options:


  • Mistake- Buying an E-bike with a Small Battery:

The size of the battery is one of the most crucial aspects to consider when choosing an e-bike because it determines how far you can ride before needing to recharge. Depending on the model, Pogocycles e-Bikes' batteries may go 35–70+ miles on a single charge. The largest battery produces huge watt-hours of electricity. Riders wish they would have bought an e-bike with wider riding range and a bigger battery." Don't make the error of compromising on the battery !

Of course, factors like wind, weight, and the state of the road all affect the riding range. However, we provide an actual mileage that many riders are aware of. In fact, if you lower the pedal assist amount, you might find that you go beyond that range.


  • Mistake - Purchasing An E-Bike That Is Incompatible With Your Needs Or Lifestyle

What plans do you have for your electric bike? What sort of terrain and surface will you be riding primarily on? These are only two of the factors you should take into account when choosing your model. Check bike to work scheme


If you plan to commute primarily on pavement, a commuter bike with the appropriate tyres, range, and comfort level will likely serve you well. Consider its large tyres have the versatility for off-road riding, if you plan to ride mostly on dirt or rough roads. In addition, as was already said, battery range is a significant factor.


  • Mistake- Buying the Wrong Size E-bike:

It might be physically painful to ride in an unpleasant situation. Avoid going there. You want a bike that suits you adequately because they come in various sizes. This refers to a bike that you can easily get on and off of, that allows for optimal and comfortable leg extension, and that allows you to ride with your natural posture without risking back or neck pain. Check cycle to work scheme


Because bike frames come in different sizes, when you purchase a Pogocycle’s e-bike, speak with our experts and let them know your height. Recognize that you may fine-tune the vertical dimensions by adjusting the seat height.


You want to get a frame that is as close to your inseam as possible without going higher. Having mobility or hip problems? Look at our step-through bikes, since their frames are designed to make getting on and off the bike comfortable. Conclusion: From the moment you first sit on the bike, you want it to fit properly.


  • Mistake - Purchasing An Extremely Cheap Electric Bike

E-bikes are a case where you get what you pay for. There are models available on the market that are dreadful and cost less money. Either they lack sufficient power or range, or they are constructed from subpar materials with no longevity.


These purchasers frequently feel quick regret.If you're going to spend your hard-earned money on an e-bike, invest a little more in one that has a good track record and satisfies all requirements for build quality, efficiency, ride smoothness, quality elements, and overall durability. In reality, Pogocycles deliver unmatched value if you compare the prices of e-bikes based on performance (range, speed, power, etc.) and premium components.


  • Mistake- Buying An E-Bike Without a Warranty or Domestic Customer Service:

Even if the brand has a solid reputation and/or the product is constructed using high-quality materials, things can still go wrong. Purchase an e-bike with a warranty and domestic customer care to guarantee you have easy access to help. It is impossible to overstate the importance of having a live person answer your SOS call. slowly walk you through the process of handling unforeseen circumstances. A group of dedicated customer service representatives and knowledgeable e-bike technicians work for the business. It will be difficult to find another e-bike manufacturer that provides the same level of accessibility and product support as Pogocycles.


  • Mistake - Ignoring E-Bike Specs Before Purchasing

Take note of all the technical information about a bike you're considering, including the motor size, tyre size, tyre type, component names, important features, available upgrades, etc. Additionally, check to see if it includes every item on your list and comprehend why a certain feature matters.

For example, did you know that an e-hydraulic bike's disc brakes are a crucial safety component ? Did you know that the number of miles you can ride on a single charge strongly correlates to the size of the battery? Did you realize that many e-bikes lack a throttle for instantaneous power?

Knowing the most crucial e-bike specifications will help you avoid making a poor choice. Make sure there is space for any additional accessories you are considering. For instance, people frequently mount a phone holder or side view mirror to the handlebars of their bicycle. What about a water bottle holder or a rear rack? Examine each bike, and don't hesitate to ask our specialists about any specifics.


  • Mistake : Failing To Ask the Correct Questions

Before you begin the purchasing process, establish a list of all the questions you have. Before making a significant purchase like this, you should be as well-informed as you can. You'll feel more secure knowing all the information up front in this manner.

We want you to be ecstatic after making your purchase because we realize e-bikes are significant. You may buy a new e-bike with confidence knowing that you're about to go on the ride of your life on a safe, powerful, and dependable electric bike.


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