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E-Power Your Ride: E-Bikes Get the Green Light in Ireland!

Good news for electric bike enthusiasts in Ireland! E-bikes are now officially recognized by Irish law, and the rules are clear.

E-Bike Essentials: Ride Legal, Ride Smart

  • Motor Muscle: Keep it under 250 watts, that's the legal limit for an e-bike.
  • Pedal Power: The motor cuts off when you stop pedaling, so some legwork is required.
  • Speed Demon...Not Quite: Enjoy the electric assist, but stay safe with a maximum speed of 25 km/h.

Sharing the Road: Ride Like a Regular Bike

  • Think Bike: E-bikes follow the same rules as bicycles on Irish roads.
  • Lane Love: Stay on the left side of the road, including bike lanes and bus lanes (but not footpaths!).
  • Respect the Signs: Traffic lights, pedestrian crossings, and speed limits apply to you too.

E-Cargo Bikes Welcome!

Cargo bikes that meet the e-bike requirements can join the fun and be treated as regular e-bikes.

So, ditch the car, embrace the electric boost, and hit the road on your trusty e-bike! It's a legal and eco-friendly way to get around Ireland.

Happy cycling!

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